Creativity Revisited

10 Jun

Creativity is something that I believe is the main ingredient in many things, but mainly in, well creating new things. Ferguson’s “Everything is a Remix” series really opened my eyes and showed me that one brilliant moment in creativity can be adapted, slightly changed and transformed into other creative things. I had not really realized how much music and movies were remixed! It really made me think, are we just lazy? or are there no more creative ideas to come up with? no more creativity in humans?

Currently, there is rapid development and change with technology. Systems and processors are becoming faster and better. Cell phones are like another body part we cannot live without. When cell phones were first invented, they were BIG. Then we went through a phase where companies made the smallest phone they could (remember the flip phone?) and now I see people walking around with almost tablet sized phone pressed to their ears while they are having a conversation with someone. It looks very funny when someone is walking around with what looks like a book pressed up against their ear. Weren’t convenience and portability once the selling point of cell phones? We went from big screens to small screens to even bigger screens. Its like old technology is new again. Almost like fashion- what was old is new again. This is just something I thought of when thinking about remixing.

A problem with developing and adapting an old idea are the copyright laws. Sara says,  “In health related programs, we are always taught that ideas are to each their own and plagiarizing is a serious problem.” I guess that when we take someone else’s work it is not a problem, but when someone takes credit for our work, its a huge problem. I think that is one point that Ferguson was trying to say.

Lastly, I think that without remixing, our world would look very different. In the case of music and movies, we remix and use similar beats and scenarios because we like the sound/scenarios? Or because we cannot create something new? In the case of technology, we remix and adapt the old to make something better…? I do not believe that there will ever be a perfect relationship between producers and consumers.



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