Module 4 – “Copy, Transform, Combine” – Creativity

7 Jun

Hello readers! (Sorry for being M.I.A recently, but I’ back!)

Over the past year (and many years before that), I have been a consumer of internet media, but I cannot say that I have created any of my own stuff. I have never really been involved in any remixing.That is really NOT my forte. Although I am currently in a health related program (that has pretty much nothing to do with media studies), I found this topic very interesting. I myself have noticed similarities in music and movies in the past (whether it be a similar story line or bass line) but this module has introduced me to a new perspective.

Ferguson’s “Everything is a Remix” series is something that completely fascinating. I have since shared the series with many friends who also find it very interesting. Jenkins said, “we are entering an era where media will be everywhere and we will use all kinds of media in relation to each other” (2004). We are now in an era where technology is ever changing. Where every year there is another newer advancement, it is easy to see that now more than ever we have access to things that we never had before. Now, we almost do not have use for things that were once thought to be the most advanced technological device, (like the television) because smart phones give us access to  things like YouTube and live broadcasts. But we have the invention of the first television and subsequent inventions from that to thank for the little thing we carry in our pockets called a smart phone.

I have a one way relationship with YouTube. That is, I am a consumer of YouTube in the fact that I use it to listen to music and it has helped me discover new music. But I am not a producer of YouTube. I do not make videos and upload them onto the web, but many others do. YouTube is a source of expression. It can also be used for entertainment or as an educational resource. The use of online resources can enhance the consumer-producer relationship, but if the  consumer and producer are not on the same page it can lead to conflicts (Jenkins, 2004).

In his videos, Ferguson states that “creation requires influence” (Ferguson, 2010). I totally agree. Creativity involves making something new or transforming something into something new. This is not the problem that I see. I believe that creativity is accepted everywhere it is just the ‘entitlement’ (copyright) where we run into problems. Individuals who create something new like to take credit for it, as they should. But when we create something new through the transformation of something old, who takes the credit? The world is truly becoming more remixed.



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One Response to “Module 4 – “Copy, Transform, Combine” – Creativity”

  1. stayhealthysandiego June 7, 2013 at 5:29 pm #


    I am also in a health related program that has nothing to do with media studies lol.

    Ferguson’s piece really opened my eyes, and by the looks of it yours too. In health related programs, we are always taught that ideas are to each their own and plagiarizing is a serious problem. However, ferguson takes another view, one which I found very convincing.

    I also used the same point about the fact that producers and consumers are suppose to be positive relationship but when they disagree it can lead to great conflict. And I really believe this is an important point to make!

    Overall great post! I agree with you and honestly point out many of the same issues that you covered in your blog! Great post 🙂


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